Hello, my name is Stephen. I built some tools to aid you with calculating cryptocurrency taxes.


You select a cryptocurrency, year and provide an address. I generate and email you a CSV file that lists all of the transactions received on that address that add value to the address in the selected year along with the price in US Dollars of each transaction.

The US Dollar price is based upon daily values of open, close, high and low for a given cryptocurrency. These values are pulled from .

Here is an Example CSV of one ZEN address for 2018.

Supported Coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEN


For USA taxes, the IRS treats any earned cryptocurrency as taxable income. This includes any payment received for services offered, including Crypto earned from mining or staking. They expect you to value the cryptocurrency at the time you receive it. If you receive Crypto often, this can be a very tedious task.

I created this tool for myself. I run some Horizen (formaly ZenCash) nodes. I get paid for running them every couple of days in small amounts of Horizen.


$3 / Address / Year

I'm happy to provide a couple csv's for free, just send me an email.



If you have any questions, concerns, feedback please send me an email.


I am not a tax professional. I only offer data to help you calculate your taxes. The data I provide depends on some 3rd party services which may be incorrect. I will happily provide refunds on invalid datasets. Also please educate yourself on taxes or consult a tax professional. Below are some good links to start:

IRS 2014 Statement on Virtual Currencies
IRS Virtual Currency FAQ
IRS Revenue Ruling